Lifespan Services

Lifespan is a multi-service agency dedicated to providing health, social, and financial services for adults in need of assistance. For an printable overview of our services, click here.
In order to better acquaint our home care aides with your loved one with memory loss, we offer this questionnaire for families to complete.

Home Care

Home care aides help with personal hygiene, meal preparation, errands and light housekeeping. Schedules are tailored to meet your loved one's changing needs from a minimum of 3 hours to 24 hours a day. All home care aides are bonded, insured and supervised by Geriatric Care Managers. We are available after hours if problems occur. For a detailed list of home care services offered, click here.

  • Dementia Care: Lifespan dementia care is provided by Lifespan staff who receive special training in communicating with and assisting persons with Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia.

  • Transition to Home: Lifespan can provide assistance and expertise when the time comes to transition from a rehab facility or hospital back home. For more information on our transition to home assistance, click here.  

  • Hospice: Lifespan has many years of experience working with local hospice organizations to provide enhanced support to families caring for loved ones at the end of life. All of our caregivers who attend to hospice patients receive specialized training.

  • Veterans Administration: Lifespan is proud to be partners with the VA to provide home care services to qualifying veterans in need of assistance. 


Care Management

Care Management is the heart of Lifespan's services. It provides answers at times of uncertainty and can reduce worry, stress, and time off work for family members. At Lifespan our care managers are licensed nurses and social workers with specialized training and experience in aging issues and as well as care needs that adults of various ages may experience. They help families who are caring for older relatives facing ongoing health challenges. Our goal is to help elders maintain optimal levels of independence and well-being according to each person’s abilities.

Care Management is particularly useful in the following situations:
    • An older adult is having problems living independently
    • One spouse is overwhelmed by the care needs of the other spouse
    • A frail adult is alone, and the concerned family is out-of-town or unavailable to meet all needs
    • An adult needs assistance to manage medical care for a chronic progressive illness
    • An elder has a complicated medication regimen
    • An older adult needs help find and arrange services
    • An aging parent needs an out-of-home care setting

We believe that care management can make a profound, positive influence in the lives of older adults and their families/loved ones.

  • Comprehensive Assessment: A health assessment is useful when your senior has multiple problems and issues that need to be evaluated and addressed. Some examples are: frequent hospital visists, weight loss, medication management problems, safety issues, and falls. A visit is made by an RN and Social Work Care Manager to assess physical and mental health, self-care abilities, living conditions, and adequacy of medical care, untreated health issues, and other miscellaneous needs. Based on information from the visit and information provided by the physician and other involved parties, a full report is written detailing problems and needs. This document is often used by the family's physicians, attorney, trust officers or conservator as a care-planning tool.
  • Mental Health: Lifespan Care Managers help assist adults who have mental health challenges to develop independent-living skills. Care Managers assist clients in managing medication, obtaining housing, and accessing medical care and community resources.
  • Placement Assistance: With extensive knowledge of Santa Cruz County facilities, Lifespan Care Managers assess level of care, locate appropriate facilities, coordinate the relocation and help with the transition.
  • Friendly Visits: Lifespan's Friendly Visitor Program offers regularly scheduled visits by specially trained staff to clients at home or in facilities. Friendly visitors offer social interaction, recreational activities, shopping, escort to appointments, and support with relocation. Click here to view our Friendly Visitor brochure.
  • Elder Care Helpline: Telephone RN consultation and coaching regarding aging issues.